Monday, February 12, 2007

What Is The Weather Like In Folkestone

The WeatherPixie
Before we send our bear all the way to Folkstone we were wondering what the weather is like. We heard that there was lots of snow and were wondering if our bear will need to wrap warmly with scarf and gloves as we do not want our bear to catch the cold. We look forward to your reply.

L1 Dundee


Anonymous said...

The weather today is very pleasant, blue sky and sunshine. Some children are not wearing their coats at playtime!
Rainbow class

Anonymous said...

It is raining very hard today, grey sky, no playtimes..........
Mrs. Cage

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth met Paddington Bear, who'd recently returned from his link school in Italy.
They had lots to tell each other, as Paddington had been to the Italian Carnival and had returned in a box with masses of beautiful paintings, all about the local characters at Carnival Time.
They both went into the Infant School to look at the Easter Gardens that the children had brought in.
We've taken lots of pictures of them both meeting some of the Easter animals. Paddington will be travelling wih his pictures, in his box to Italy, early next term. He has such great adventures!
Of course all these pictures are going on the school website!

(Mrs Cotton)